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Be sure to purchase your building from an MBMA AC472-accredited manufacturer. It is the best way to secure an assurance that your building supplier's engineering/order/design/fabrication processes all conform to high-quality standards and are evaluated by a respected independent third party

Other advantages include expediting the building approval process as defined in Chapter 17 in the International Building Code. The following benefits include:

  • Compliance with special inspection requirements in Chapter 17 of the International Building Code┬«
  • Building officials can automatically deem AC472-accredited manufacturers as approved fabricators
  • Expedited acceptance of plans by code officials
  • Better protection for occupants and contents
  • Assurance the metal building manufacturer's staff has a well-qualified quality system in place

In addition, you may achieve even greater value through:

  • Lower insurance rates
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower utility costs
  • Higher resale value