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From a product perspective, metal buildings are good for the environment because they are made from recycled steel, are 100% recyclable, and produce a low carbon footprint. Cool metal roof coatings repel heat, reduce the urban heat island effect, increase solar reflectivity (decreasing energy consumption) and are designed to simply clip on optional solar panels. Further, waste steel accumulated during fabrication is recycled.

From a performance perspective, metal building panels promote energy efficiency because they are designed to incorporate fiberglass or rigid board insulation of varying thicknesses, thus enhancing insulation values. The ability to house additional insulation creates an energy-tight environment. And, insulation can also be easily added and increased within the roof cavity without removing the roof. Further, the interlocking edges of metal building panels provide excellent weather-tightness.

From a construction perspective, offsite fabrication reduces construction equipment emissions; and faster cleanup is achieved because metal buildings generate over 50% less jobsite waste than other construction materials.

Metal building lifetime impacts can be analyzed using Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment calculations prior to design.