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Industry Growth and Acceptance

Industrial and commercial developers have made metal building systems an important part of their portfolio in offering properties for a wide range of applications such as malls, stores, shopping centers, industrial and warehouse property and office buildings. Metal Building Systems perform well, please aesthetically, and endure. They are built to last - and have resiliency over other forms of construction.

MBMA indicates 34% of the low rise buildings built in the United States utilizes metal building systems with a majority of Fortune 1000 firms using these systems for their facilities. Metal buildings are inherently well suited for design-build fast track construction.

Advantages and Benefits

Metal Building Systems have become the first choice for commercial and industrial developers and building owners for these reasons:

  • Single source control
  • Fast track design-build can bring project together on time and within budget
  • Versatility and flexibility in design and materials
  • Economic and cost containment
  • Durability and high performance
  • Energy efficient, sustainable and green
  • Improved risk management
  • Fast construction
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