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Industry Growth and Acceptance

Metal Building Systems offer architects a wealth of diversity and materials to design your vision. For 80 years more than 14 million Metal Building Systems have been constructed - shopping centers to airport hangars, hospitals to schools, warehouses to factories, office buildings to medical centers.

Metal Building Systems perform well, please aesthetically, and endure. They are built to last - and have resiliency over other forms of construction. MBMA indicates 34% of the low rise buildings built in the United States utilize metal building systems.

It is a revolutionary form of building construction that can help make the architects' job easier, creative and more productive.

Just imagine:

  • Sloped Roofs
  • Decorative columns
  • Clearstory roofs and daylighting elements
  • Semicircular and segmental arches
  • Variable materials allow color and texture
  • Intriguing options for defining mass, space, proportion and symmetry