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Installing Metal Building Systems

Each individual manufacturer has different procedures which are suggested for proper erection of "that" system. In some cases these are proprietary, and certainly the procedures recommended by one manufacturer cannot be directly applied to the erection of a competitive syste

There are however, certain aspects of assembly of a metal building system that are common. The first relates to overall project safety. The mandatory use of all reasonable safety precautions is essential. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Regular safety meeting with work crews.
  • Use of basic safety equipment:
  • Compliance to OSHA Rules and Fall Protection
    • Hard Hat
    • Safety shoes
    • Safety belts and safety nets for "high work"
    • Safety glasses

Part of the construction planning process will be to build the building in your head. Prior to that, conduct a close review of the site and foundation. Building construction can be looked at in these phases:

  • Erection Planning
  • Tasking Delivery of the Building
  • Unload and Shakeout
  • Structural Steel Erection including secondary purlin and girts and bracing.
  • Roof Installation along with insulation
  • Wall Installation including insulation
  • Accessories

Resources: Metal Building Systems Manufacturers put on erection training programs on a regular basis. The Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association has a comprehensive training program which can be found on their website.