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MBMA Member Assures Contractors

  • Expedite the approval process. Your local building code official can approve the inspection programs of manufacturers involved in the fabrication of metal building systems and meet the requirements of Chapter 17 of the IBC.
  • By requiring Accreditation, you can be assured that suppliers have passed the stringent audit requirements of the AC472 Accreditation.
  • Allowing only accredited suppliers helps protect your good name by guaranteeing that an audited supplier is on the project.
  • Since the building supplier is doing the structural design, Accreditation assures that the product is designed by professional engineers with demonstrated knowledge of building systems and applicable codes.
  • Accreditation requires that the manufacturer has a certified weld inspector, uses raw materials that comply with applicable specifications, and can provide product and workmanship traceability.
  • Conduct preliminary frame runs
  • Accreditation requires that Letters of Certification and erection drawings show all necessary information for the proper erection of the building.