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Welcome to the website of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association!

For over 60 years the MBMA and its manufacturing members have worked together as partners to further its mission: to conduct research, to help advance building codes and standards, and to educate the construction community. Our passion is to support a strong, sustainable metal building systems industry that meets the needs of owners and the overall society..

Metal building systems are far more sophisticated today than they were a decade ago; and due to MBMA’s leading edge research programs, further evolution is not far down the road. MBMA has invested heavily in engineering technology, fabrication concepts, structural improvements, and building quality. As a result, buildings today are far better in terms of cost, strength, function, and aesthetics. Through these innovations, we are moving the industry to a higher level and helping to position the industry for long-term growth and greater acceptance. Metal is the solution for most low-rise buildings.

If you’d like immediate information, give us a call. If you would like to become a member of MBMA, learn more here.