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With large open areas, long span frames and strong structural steel for mounting equipment, bleachers, and curtains, metal building systems make excellent gymnasium environments.

Whether a basketball court, hockey arena or swimming pool enclosure, metal building systems perform exceptionally and cost less than conventional construction. The larger spans in a metal building allow you to configure the gym to meet your various needs without interior columns getting in the way. It also means your school district can build a bigger facility. That means room for additional sports options, accommodating district population growth.

Do you need a larger weight room, locker room, or athletic offices? Does the project need to be completed before the start of the next school year? You can do it with a metal building in two-thirds the time of other forms of construction because the design-build process is faster and more economical than other construction types, such as masonry or brick. Single source responsibility and knowledgeable project managers can provide a turn-key solution that will be a slam dunk for the school board and score extra points with your school administrators

A metal building can easily be designed to accommodate future expansion too; so if you have long-term plans that can't be realized at the start of a project, it will be possible to add on in the future as your district grows.

It's no wonder that professional and amateur sports teams throughout the world hone their skills in a metal building solution. Long-span framing creates an open, column-free interior space that has the strength to withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at it.

And with integrated mezzanines provided by the metal building manufacturer, a fitness room, lockers, offices, concessions and meeting rooms can be incorporated and easily reconfigured.

Whether it's a football practice field, an indoor soccer field, an indoor swimming facility or an ice hockey rink, there's a solution in metal building systems.

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