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Insurance is a method of spreading the risk of economic loss among many to create an affordable protection mechanism for building owners and lease holders.

Most building owners will secure a standard policy known as a Business Owners Policy (BOP) or a Commercial Multi-Peril policy (CMP). MBMA created a series of Insurance Bulletins, which are relevant to building owners, design professionals, and contractors who seek to understand the impact of their design choices on the insurance premium an owner will be charged.

MBMA's Insurance Bulletins will provide you with a comprehensive description of the different types of insurance companies, rating systems and how different hazards or conditions can impact insurance costs. The MBMA Insurance Bulletins are provided as individual links below.

MBMA Insurance Bulletins

Bulletin 1 Property & Casualty Insurance Company Organizational Structures & Rating Practices Overview of property and casualty insurance company organizational structures (Stock, Mutual, Lloyd’s and Residual Markets) and insurance ratings practices.
Bulletin 2 Commercial Property Insurance Rating Methods Provides general information on commercial property insurance rating methods and introduces the factors insurers consider when determining the premium for a property.
Bulletin 3 The Impact of Location on Insurance Rates Describes the impact of the geographic location on insurance rates and the concept of exposure risk from adjacent structures.
Bulletin 4 Public Protection Classifications Explores how fire protection services (Public Protection Classifications) and building codes (Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule) are established by rating authorities, how they affect insurance rates within a community, and what that means to the building owner.
Bulletin 5 Special Hazard Factors: Wind and Hail Considerations Illustrates how wind and hail have emerged as significant risks and how insurers are integrating these hazards into the formulation of their rates.
Bulletin 6 Special Hazard Factors: Earthquake Considerations Explores how earthquakes risk and damage potential is evaluated by insurers, especially in terms of the type of structural system of the building.
Bulletin 7 The Effect of Occupancy on Insurance Rates Reports on how occupancy affects rates and loss costs. Includes a discussion of types of occupancies and their associated contents hazards.
Bulletin 8 The Effect of Building Contents on Insurance Rates Describes how contents impact the structure and insurance rates. Explains how the insurable value of the contents can be the main driver in the determination of the overall premium for a property.
Bulletin 9 The Impact of Wall Construction and Column Protection on Insurance Rates Describes how the selection of exterior wall construction or column materials and fire protection detailing affects insurance rates.
Bulletin 10 The Impact of Insulation and Interior Finishes on Fire Insurance Rates Details how flame spread of insulation and/or interior finishes affects fire insurance rates. Explains the unique method insurers use to determine wall and floor areas.
Bulletin 11 Insurance Rate Comparisons, Warehouse Explores the cost to insure a warehouse constructed of a metal building system versus another type of construction.
Bulletin 12 Insurance Rate Comparisons, Brewery Explores the cost to insure a brewery constructed of a metal building system versus another type of construction.