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Building and Construction Methodology

    Selecting the way you want to build is one of the most important decisions you will make. The other steps will naturally follow from your early choices. As you begin to plan your building, here are some steps to consider during the initial phase.

    Building and Construction Methodology
    There are many project delivery systems and you should become educated and knowledgeable about each method to determine the best approach for your project and company.

    Design/Build/Fast Track
    Using the design/build/fast-track approach, an owner will typically hire a design-build general contractor with an architect and engineer on staff who have experience in designing and constructing their type of facility. The process is designed to enhance collaboration and bring together the considerable expertise of a professional team. It can eliminate extra steps and condense the time frame.

    Attributes include:

    • Single-point of responsibility and control
    • Greater process control and costs established sooner
    • Sequencing between design and construction is easily established
    • Greater cost effectiveness and risk management

    You can learn more about this approach through the Design-Build Institute of America.

    Design/bid/build The ordinary approach for building breaks the process up into separate steps that would include selection of an architect/designer, development of preliminary drawings, bidding, and possibly re-designing based upon costs, final construction drawings and construction. Total construction costs are determined at the end of the bidding process.