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Construction and Close Out

Today, owner, builder and designer must work as a team, communicating and combining needs and experience throughout the entire construction process. Keep in mind, that all the planning, design and financing will continue throughout the construction process and until you take occupancy of the completed project.

Building a commercial or industrial building is typically a large construction feat with multitasking taking place at all levels. Your builder/contractor will be coordinating many of these activities and assuring proper scheduling, execution and budgeting for each activity. You will want ensure monitoring and observation is taking place through inspection and verification of quality and especially of OSHA Safety requirements.

You will want to make sure the assembly of your metal building structure and system is performed by a professional with experienced and trained workers. The metal building systems manufacturer will ship the building to the job site where the builder will unload and shakeout the building for the most efficient erection. The erector should have been trained by the manufacturer to assemble their structure and sheeting.

The builder should have a Process of completing all construction tasks and all documentation to close out contract and consider job complete. It should include an organized close-out checklist that focuses on:

  • Ensure all construction tasks completed as per contract
  • Punch list prepared after all major work activities complete
  • Obtain certificate of substantial completion and Change Orders
  • Certificate of occupancy which would be issued by the city, county, municipality that issued building permit
  • Indicates that all code related issues have been accounted
  • Building is approved and safe to use
  • Fire Marshall inspection completed
  • Application for Final Payment after the punch list is completed and all documentation is handed in to the owner