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Start Building What to Consider ยป Scoping and Feasibility

Scoping and Feasibility

As you begin considering the construction of a new building, you will want to determine the needs and opportunities you want to address and begin a feasibility study and scoping process in the early stages. Be sure to place this in writing and seek an understanding by key stakeholders. Assemble a list of potential team members. Some of the major items to consider in Scoping and Feasibility are:

  • Develop the project plan and objectives
  • Define the Scope
  • Identify programmatic requirements
  • Define the major deliverables
  • Determine constructibility and identify planning, building systems, infrastructure and structural limitations
  • Determine building dimensions, shape and clear heights.
  • Establish rough scope of work and conceptual design
  • Identify the major risks
  • Develop ROM budget (Rough Order of Magnitude) and preliminary schedule

As you develop the scope and feasibility, be sure to ask a lot of questions and don't get caught in the trap of making too many assumptions.