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Start Building What to Consider ยป Land and Site Analysis

Land and Site Analysis

During the development of your planning process to build, you will either be using existing property or purchasing new property for a Greenfield site. In either case, it will require comprehensive research and site analysis. Site planning is absolutely critical to the overall effectiveness of your building and its operation.

There are entire books and courses on this subject therefore you will want to do your research and involve possibly real estate developers, governmental planning and zoning agencies, architects and licensed engineers.

If you are involved in site selection, location is the most important factor. In site planning and analysis, there are some key factors you will want to evaluate such as:

  • Good Access to:
    • Rail and highways
    • Labor and supply chain
    • Utilities
    • Customers and markets
    • Suppliers

    • Properly positioning the building on the property to effect on-site traffic and future expansion requirements
      • Soil conditions
      • Site drainage
      • Tax considerations
      • Costs

    As you review land use, access, circulation, privacy, security, and drainage are considerations as well as determining whether it is optimal for your building and design structure. This will require a site plan that shows the building footprint, travel ways, parking, drainage, sanitary sewer links, rail, if required, and other transportation models.

    Involve a design/build contractor, design consultant who is a licensed engineer, architect, landscape architect or land surveyor.