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Case Studies

Below is a listing of case studies produced by the MBMA. These case studies are available for free as a PDF download.


The retail market faces rapid change as demographics diversify, e-commerce grows and expectations change. Today's consumers know they can shop online more quickly and conveniently than traveling to a shopping center, mall or a warehouse store. Still, the touch and feel of retail products keeps consumers walking through the doors of brick-and-mortar stores throughout America. Read More


Commercial communities appear poised to usher in a new era that could redefine and revitalize the modern shopping experience at a time when the industry is at an inflection point—and developers are already relying on metal building systems as the method of construction to make these hip, high-end spaces a reality. Read More


Both the warehouse/distribution and self-storage markets depend heavily on metal building systems for their facilities. Why? The reasons are abundant. Read More


Whether brewing beer or distilling spirits, the alcohol beverage market remains strong throughout the U.S. These markets continue to grow dramatically. For each, metal buildings are a versatile, attractive and cost-efficient solution and can be used in a variety of applications. Read More


Recreation and fitness are two related lifestyle industries that focus on leisure options for people of all ages, interested and incomes. Metal building systems accommodate these types of businesses very well for a variety of reasons. Read More


One of the most important technological advances in building construction is the standing seam metal roof. This system is used on virtually all metal buildings and many traditional structures due to its long lifespan, aesthetic appeal, and ability to withstand extreme weather such as high winds, heavy snow, hailstorms and wildfires. Read More


Vehicle sales and services are building categories that greatly benefit from metal building systems, and they accommodate these types of businesses very well for a variety of reasons. Read More