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This page contains Chairman's Columns from previous years. If you would like additional information about any of the columns listed below please contact MBMA by clicking here.


2008 Chairman's Columns

Improving the Building Process
July 01, 2008 - The International Accreditation Service Inc. approved new accreditation criteria for manufacturers of metal building systems. This comprehensive, third party accreditation will improve the building process in the metal building industry

The Future is Green
January 01, 2008 - Looking back and looking forward, we have many things to consider as 2008 unfolds.

2007 Chairman's Columns

Technical “Tools Of The Trade” Keep Getting Better
July 01, 2007 - As we approach the second half of 2007, we see that business conditions are ripe for growth and we’re very comfortable that the economic data points to a continued good year for those of us in the metal building systems industry. Shipments are up, as are orders. Clearly, metal building systems manufacturers, and the suppliers that assist them, can look ahead optimistically.

Change is Coming
April 01, 2007 - In our global economy, American business is changing dramatically – and particularly in relation to building construction, facilities and operations. The metal building systems industry is also changing to stay ahead of the curve and to provide systems to address the unfolding requirements of the evolving building environment.

2006 Chairman's Columns

Growing By Leaps
November 01, 2006 - It is shaping up to be a very exciting year of growth at the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA). At our annual meeting last December, some very high goals were set for increasing the awareness of potential members

There’s Just Nothing Like It
July 01, 2006 - My first exposure to the MBMA was in the mid 70’s as a general manager for the Varco-Pruden Building organization. Bob Kelley was the president of VP at the time and an avid supporter of the MBMA. Bob served as MBMA chairman on several occasions dedicating his leadership and the support of his company to the advancement of the association and our industry. As a result of his inspiration my MBMA commitment emerged.

Get On Board!
April 1, 2006 - American business is undergoing systemic, rapid and dramatic change. The pace in which our economy and our society are moving can make you dizzy. If we don’t band together and help each other, we will all be in trouble. That’s why MBMA makes sense to me.

2005 Chairman's Columns

Industry Momentum Requires Proaction to Keep Moving in 2005
December 01, 2005 - As the metal building systems industry enters the new year, we find that we end 2004 enjoying an upswing in key indicators among members of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), reinforcing the fact that perhaps the worst of the past few years is truly behind us. In fact, if we continue to build on the momentum created in 2004, we may very well see 2005 as another year of growth for our industry.

In Our Changing Industry …The Best is Yet to Come
July 01, 2005 - Based on construction trends over the last few years, it is logical that many observers have predicted a dire future for non-residential construction, particularly in the manufacturing sector. But, they are mistaken. It is true that the industry slumped substantially in the 2000-2003 timeframe, followed by a mild recovery in 2004.

MBMA Provides Industry Leadership
January 01, 2005 - Fifty-nine years. That’s how long the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has been providing direction and leadership to the metal building systems industry. Capitalizing on our rich heritage, we have abundant plans for helping the industry move forward to achieve greater recognition and market share in the days ahead.

2004 Chairman's Columns

What a Difference a Year Makes
June 01, 2004 - Think back to a year ago. The metal building systems industry was in the third year of declining sales and shipments. The general industrial construction markets peaked in 2000 and have experienced severe declines since, and the manufacturing market, which has been quite important to our industry, actually peaked in 1997 and has been in free-fall decline since then.


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