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The Metal Building Manufacturers Association continues to provide technical leadership and resources to advance the state of knowledge of sound, efficient design of metal building systems and low-rise buildings. The Technical Committee provides the necessary guidance and direction to identify the areas and opportunities available to elevate our collective understanding and then to promote acceptance within the codes and standards that govern our metal building and metal roofing designs. The research activities described here are a continuation of the strong technical program that MBMA has historically pursued to achieve our goals.

An architect, specifier, or engineer who chooses or considers a metal building system should be confident that it is backed by years of technical research and expertise. The technical research projects we have sponsored are an example of our commitment to providing metal building and roofing systems that provide superior performance and efficient use of materials.

Research is being sponsored in many different topic areas. Structural loads, cold-formed steel behavior, rigid frame behavior, and other topics of interest are being pursued. Other associations or agencies are cosponsoring many of the projects described as noted in each summary. These collaborative efforts are an indication of the close working relationship MBMA has with other steel industry groups and the confidence they have in joining with MBMA to tackle difficult technical challenges.


MBMA's Contributions to the Metal Building Industry: Dirctor of Research and Engineering W. Lee Shoemaker, P.E., PH.D., looks at the contributions to metal buildings and the low rising building industry that MBMA has made since its founding in this report.

To view the full report, please click here.

Condensation Fact Sheet: Condensation facts and how to mitigate in a metal building.

Fire Resistance: This section includes MBMA's Fire Resistance Bulletins and other information.

Building Insurance: This section has MBMA Insurance Bulletins and Insurance Facts.

Technical Reports

Visit the archive of MBMA Technical Bulletins by clicking here.

We encourage anyone who would like more information on any of these projects or other MBMA technical activities to contact us by clicking here.


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