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New Manual Examines Best Practices of Metal Roofing Systems Industry
August 30, 2000
 You may have noticed that an increasing number of shopping centers are being built with metal roofing systems.  According to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), there is no better roofing alternative for overall design flexibility, aesthetic appeal, reliability, and low life-cycle costs. 

Each year, MBMA sponsors various research and engineering endeavors to continually improve the use of metal building and roofing systems.  Most recently, the association, in collaboration with the AISI, released the Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual.  This one-of-a-kind design manual was written for architects, engineers, specifiers and installers as a tool to help them properly design, specify and install metal roofing systems.

For over two years, a team of MBMA roofing systems members and association staff worked diligently to develop the manual. 

Perhaps the most labor-intensive aspect of the manual was the selection of the metal roof details.  According to Dan Walker, P.E., MBMA staff member and project manager for the Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual, the team began with over 700 different details provided by MBMA members.  After several months and multiple committee meetings, the team developed approximately 90 generic details for easy reference.  The challenging part of this process was that all of the details that appear in the manual needed to be representative of the common practices for the industry.   

“The Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual focuses on standing seam metal roofing systems, and will serve as both an excellent educational tool and a design aid for professionals working with these materials.  The purpose of the details and provisions of the manual is to educate professionals about the proper specification, design and installation of metal roofing systems.  We set out to develop a manual to help upgrade the design practices of the metal roofing industry, and we feel confident that we have accomplished that goal,” Walker said.

The Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual includes sections covering:

  •  System Components  (such as materials, panels, ribs, clips and accessories)
  • Substrates (such as purlins, bar joists, metal decks and wood decks)
  • Specifications and Standards (including a comprehensive standing seam metal roof guide specification)
  • Retrofit
  • Common Industry Practices
  • Design (determination of environmental loads, designing panels for strength and serviceability, factors of safety, drainage calculations and design examples)
  • Installation (covering issues such as thermal movement, use of sealants, fastener placement, sequence of installation, etc.)
  • Energy (such as condensation, ventilation and insulation)
  • Fire Protection (including several UL tested and listed metal roof assemblies)

The manual is $135.00 and is accompanied by a CD-ROM that features an internal search engine.  All details on the CD are provided in AutoCAD format.  License is granted to industry professionals who purchase the manual to use the details for their own projects.    

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