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MBMA Publishes Updated Metal Building Systems Manual
October 29, 2002

MBMA Publishes Updated Metal Building Systems Manual
October 29, 2002

MBMA Publishes Updated Metal Building Systems Manual

CLEVELAND, OH -- The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has published the 2002 edition of the Metal Building Systems Manual, the industry standard design manual for architects, manufacturers, engineers, specifiers, builders and other professionals involved in the metal building systems industry.

Previously known as the Low Rise Building Systems Manual, the Metal Building Systems Manual is a completely updated edition. Newly revised and expanded sections include:

·        Load applications (IBC 2000 loads);

·        Crane loads;

·        Serviceability;

·        Common industry practices;

·        Guide specifications;

·        AISC-MB certification;

·        Wind load commentary;

·        Fire protection;

·        Wind, snow and rain data by U.S. county;

·        Glossary.

Perhaps the most significant addition to the new manual is commentary on International Building Code (IBC) 2000 loads including recommendations on applying them to metal building systems.

“The amount and scope of information in the new Metal Building Systems Manual is much greater than any previous edition,” said W. Lee Shoemaker, director of research and engineering for MBMA. “For instance, to help project designers and engineers plan the most effective buildings and structural components, the new manual contains MBMA’s unique climatological table which lists completely updated wind, snow, seismic and rainfall data for each county in the United States.”

The manual also contains a complete CD-ROM version, which is both hyper-linked and searchable.

“Throughout its history, the MBMA has been helping manufacturers design, engineer and produce the highest quality metal building systems possible,” said Joel Voelkert, MBMA chairman. “In addition to manufacturers, the new Metal Building Systems Manual is a critical resource for anyone involved in designing and constructing metal building systems.

The cost of the Metal Building Systems Manual is $50 for MBMA members and $95 for non-members. Ordering information can be obtained by calling 216-241-7333 or by clicking here.

Organized in 1956, MBMA serves the metal building systems manufacturers, metal roofing systems manufacturers and associate member suppliers. Its membership represents more than $1.9 billion in annual steel shipments and accounts for 32.6 percent of the total non-residential low-rise construction marketplace.






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