Head of Wall (HOW) - Overview UL Test Report

Underwriters Laboratory issued its original Test Report, File R7406, Project 06CA51862, on August 15, 2007, and with revisions on October 22, 2007 and February 5, 2008. To download the UL Test Report in its entirety, please click here.


The tests were undertaken at the UL on July 19, 2007. The tests were designed to study the performance of head of wall joints between a fire resistance rated wall assembly and an unrated roof-ceiling assembly. There are three possible situations in a building in which this situation normally occurs:

            1. The purlin is within the wall assembly,

            2. The purlin is parallel to the wall assembly, and

            3. The purlin is perpendicular to the wall assembly.


Two of the three situations were tested, with the purlin within the wall assembly and perpendicular to the wall assembly. These were determined to be the more substantial situations, and the results for these would apply to the third situation with the purlin parallel to the wall assembly. After each fire test, a hose test was used to determine the structural integrity of the systems.



The complete Test Report is available for download as a PDF here.


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