Life Cycle Assessment
Life Cycle Assessment Report

MBMA published a Life Cycle Assessment report on primary structural steel (frames), secondary structural steel (girts and purlins), and wall and roof products used in metal building systems. A supplemental addendum to this report was published in November 2015 to conform to the Product Category Rules (PCR) used to develop MBMA's Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The LCA report provides an evaluation of environmental impacts of the manufacturing process of metal building system products, from extraction of the raw materials and ending at the manufacturing plant exit where the products are ready to be shipped to the construction site (i.e. cradle-to-gate). The report provides detailed information to allow designers to make informed decisions based on environmental performance.

Download the MBMA LCA Report and Addendum
Learn about MBMA's LCI Data

NREL U.S. LCI Data Base The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and its partners created the U.S. Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Database to assist LCA practitioners in answering questions about product environmental impacts and for use of the data in their whole building LCA software programs. MBMA's industry-wide LCI data is available and listed on the website and below:

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